Urban Planning and Property Development - UPPD Conference

Prior Year’s Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers for 2017

Paper Title DOI#
Energy Consumption Towards a Better Future: Knowledge Practice and Attitude of college students in UAEU 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.2
Board Scheme Concept: Prospect of Providing Tenure Security Solutions to Squatter Settlements in Jamaica. 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.5
Interrogative City Infrastructures 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.6
The Future of New England's Ports: An Overview of a Positive Conundrum The Changing Land use Pattern of New England's Ports 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.13
Digital Tools and Citizen Participation Towards Sustainable and Responsive Urban Planning 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.18
The Enthalpy Distribution in Subtropical Urban Heat Island 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.22
Evolution and Development of Spatial Form in Central Area, based on a Case Study of Central Area in Bengbu 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.23
Links Between Theory and Practice Web Map for Dissemination Of Land Value Capture Policies 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.24
Conserving Catchment Area of Lakes through Development Regulations: A Case of Upper Lake in the City of Bhopal, India 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.25
Spatial Mitigation Treatments: Wenchuan Earthquake Case Study 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.26
Sustainable Owner-Constructed Tiny House: For Social and Post-Disaster Applications 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.28
How Public Transit Affects the Price of Urban Mid-Low Price Residential Quarters A Case Study Of Nanjing 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.29
Assessment for the Damage of Pavemen 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.30
Railroad Station Arrival Cognition: Way-Finding At The East Lansing Train Station 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.32
Circular Economy from The Rail and Way The Railway Transportation Development Strategy In Taiwan 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.33
Urban Visual Quality Evaluation in a Mountain Setting: An Aspen, Colorado Case Study 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.37
Humpback Introducing and Evaluating a Geojson Constructor Tool For Grasshopper 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.38
Investigating Urban Growth and Housing Preferences in Doha City 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.39
Digital Slime Mold Infrastructure Generation for Master Planning Via Topographical Analysisa 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.40
Student Accommodation: The Balance between Satisfying Students and Private Developers Needs 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.42
BIM for Project Management Consultants Prerequisite of integrating BIM to PMC role in UAE construction Industry 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.49
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Idle Campus Cultural Regeneration Strategies A Case Study of Dadong Culture and Arts Center in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.50
Co-working Spaces for Young Entrepreneurs Towards an Architecture of Shared Spaces for Urban Communities in the Context of Malaysia 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.55
Substantiating the Absence Utilization & Advancement of Public Spaces 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.59
Water Sensitive Urban Planning-A Need For Future 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.60
Daylight in Urban Designs for Relieving Agitation in Psychiatric Patients: A Case Study from Sri Lanka 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.67
Misguided oversupply of dwellings causes housing affordability problem in Sydney 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.77
Urban Resilience Definition And Evaluation Framework: Case Study Of Hong Kong 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD17.83

Accepted Papers for 2016

Paper Title DOI#
Analysis of Urban Population Growth Pattern and Its Effect on Urbanization From Two Cities of India-Bangalore and Ahmadabad 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.3
The Impact and Challenges of Land Issues on Urban Development in a Tribal Town of North East India: ACase of Shillong 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.10
People Can Have a Say in Planning the Sponge City in China: A Survey On the Public Perception 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.12
The Twist - Innovative Architectural and Structural Integrated High Rise Building Design 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.14
A Model to Increase the Finacial Efficiency of Existing Residential Security Estates in South Africa 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.15
What Drives Residential Investment? Empirical Evidences From Taiwan 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.21
Management of Retirement Centres Frail Care Facilities 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.23
Visual Perception of Space and Parametric Design: A Brief Discussion 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.24
Viability of Public-Private Partnership in Building Affordable Housing 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.26
Remotely Sensed Survey of Land Surface Temperature (LST) for Evaluation of Monthly Changes of Water Consumption 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.27
Mapping the Spatial Variation of Housing Prices 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.29
The Effects of Urban Center Redevelopment on Land Use and Land Price- a Case Study of Osaka 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.31
Urban Flood Damage Assessment for Water Sensitivity Urban Design 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.32
Place(Making) and Interiority: A Methodology to Engage Marginalised Individuals in the Urban Design Process 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.33
Riverfront Development in Indian Cities: The Missing Link 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.34
Interactions of Actors Interests and Power in the Governance System; the Case of Co-location of University Campuses in Trondheim, Norway 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.37
Phases of Development: A Cultural, Societal and Environmental Overview of Abu Dhabi's Urban Morphology. 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.39
The Urban Renewal Process of Downtown Kingston, Jamaica and Its vision for Sustainable Urban Redevelopment 110.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.41
A Simplified New Approach for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD16.42

Accepted Papers for 2015

Paper Title DOI#
Scattered Development to Compact Development Managing the Paradigm Shift in Urbanization Policy of Kerala 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.01
Economic Vitality of Polish Suburbs 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.11
Riding with Feelings: Exploring the Psychological and Emotional Dimension to Motorcycle Riding 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.12
Understanding Overall Thermal Transfer Value as a Building Energy Efficiency Indicator 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.14
The Economics of Downtown Parking as a Competing Land Use: The Emergence of a New Parking Algorithm 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.18
Planning Education before College: Experimentation in Community Engagements & Youth Leadership 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.19
A New Theory & Method of Targeting Investments for Redevelopment: Empowering Communities and Planners with Equal Access to User Friendly Data Analysis 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.20
Transit Oriented Development Strategies in Indian Cities 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.21
Early Railway Suburbs: The First Transit-Oriented Real Estate Developments? Case study: Town of Mount Royal, Montreal, Canada 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.22
Rejected Landscapes-Recycled Landscapes Waste Disposal and Recycling Sites. Perspectives and Contemporary Approachess 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.25
Remains, Debris and Ruins of the War Setting From Decontamination Issues and Disposal to the Configuration of New Landscapes 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.26
Quantitative analysis of rent arrears in private rental housing in Japa 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.27
Understanding Clustering in Creative-Knowledge Cities Creative Clusters in Kolkata, India 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.30
The Future of Urban Expansion: A Network of Villages The Case of Baki, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia 10.5176/2425-0112_UPPD15.31
Beneficent Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Local Economy: The Roles of Exchanges & the University 10.5176/0000-0000_UPPD.36